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If you need to replace your old royalty system, we can import your data. Contact us today.

Royalty Software Input
DashBook features that really matter:
  • No more Excel or QuickBooks workarounds
  • Unlimited royalty holders and products at no extra charge
  • Complex, multi-tiered royalties are now easy
  • Automate repetitive work by importing sales reports
  • Directly link to QuickBooks without import/export files
  • Royalty advances with optional cross collateralization
  • Automatic Reserves option
  • Integrated PayPal MassPay payments
  • Handle consignment, returns and re-stocking
  • User-defined reports for total flexibility
  • Batch email or upload reports to internet shared folders
  • Import products, royalty holders, and more for quick setup
  • Royalties for physical or digital sales, licenses, and more
  • Easily create and manage invoices and invoice payments
  • ***The best support you will ever receive!***

Video showing some of our QuickBooks integration:

Video showing music mechanical royalty setup:

DashBook version 6.5 released

DashBook 6.5 ( October 1, 2015) -- royalty accounting software for books, music, film, and more.  You can now experience the best royalty software at such a very low price with no monthly fees.  Version 6 is faster and has options for reserves, withholding, and batch emailing royalty reports, on top of the extensive core system that has been in use for years.  Import sales, create invoices, track sales and royalties -- DashBook Royalty Pro does it all!

Contact us to learn more and have your distributors and vendors added to our long list of existing sales imports (Amazon Kindle, etc.) so you never manually enter sales again.

If there is something that DashBook cannot do, we can add it for you.

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We have videos on setting up DashBook for the music industry for your songwriters and composers (DashBook handles artists, music labels and distributors, too), as well as showing how quickly you can setup DashBook for book publishers for your authors.  Please view all our videos since the styles are similar and educational.

We researched royalty systems and discovered DashBook.  Although it did quite a lot and was very affordable, it was missing a few key abilities that we required.  The team with Dashbook implemented the modifications we needed, which included holding and releasing reserves, and now we have a royalty process that works great for us!  Their service was awesome!

Royalty Administrator, Fair Trade Services, LLC (music)

“I am extremely pleased with Dashbook; it works beautifully and we’ve just done in half a day what would have taken about three days previously.”

Adrian Wilkins, Avid eBooks Ltd.

DashBook – Do What You Love!

Your business is not royalties accounting, and you shouldn't waste your time changing spreadsheets. Don’t let the tedious process of booking orders, tracking sales and calculating royalties get in the way of enjoying what you do. Our royalty accounting software is tailored to help you with book royalties and music publisher and record label royalties, and can do so much more. You will no longer need to keep up with changing music mechanical rates, as DashBook will do that for you. Keeping track of how much you need to pay in author royalties or artist, songwriter, or publisher song licenses will become easy.

For as little as $499 you can have a powerful inventory & sales processing platform that automatically calculates royalties and enables worry-free reports and payment accounting at the click of a button.

Designed for quick set-up and immediate benefit, DashBook is extremely easy to use royalty software by any member of your team.  DashBook makes all of your sales tracking, inventory adjustments, commission allocations and complex royalties calculations a simple, rewarding process.

Finally, an affordable royalty accounting software system designed and priced for the small to mid-size company, with the features, functions and dynamic reporting found elsewhere only in expensive, enterprise royalty software.

Please see the PURCHASE page for the full price list of our royalty software offerings.